Training Day 8

Did a short (9-10 minutes) physical warm up to wake up my body.

Training length: 15 minutes

Gentle Start: Sirens (D-F#)

Gentle Start: Vvv Zzz Jshh (Bb-G)

Getting Warmer: Country Air (C-F#)

  • New. This was fun!

Extending the Range: Beautiful Morning Backwards (Bb-A)

  • Breathing issues.

Extending the Range: Turn Around the Top (Bb-Bb)

Mouth Workout: Red Leather Yellow Leather

  • I did MUCH better on this one this time! Some breathing issues, but was loads better!!

Tuned Up: 12345

I still need to do more breathing exercises, but I generally felt better today.

Practice Songs:

Giants in the Sky

  • There were some tightening when I began to run out of air. Coincidentally, this happened in some of the high parts of the song. I need to practice this song consistently. Generally, though, I thought I sounded better.

Thuy’s Intervention

  • I need to find the comfort with the new lyrics before I can play with it.

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