Training Day 7

Training length: 15 minutes

Gentle Start: Mm Nn Ng (C-F)

Gentle Start: Lip Trills (C-G)

Getting Warmer: Gentle Steps (Bb-E)

Getting Warmer: ‘Ii’ to the ‘Ooh’ to the ‘Ah’ (C-G)

Extending the Range: Up Down Change Vowel (Bb-Bb)

Extending the Range: One Octave Tune (Bb-G)

Mouth Workout: Red Leather Yellow Leather (C#-F#)

Tuned Up: Long Oohs (C-G)



I’m still not as strong as I’d like to be, but I need to remember to take it easy. Muscles take time to stretch, and they won’t stretch when they’re not ready yet. At this point, I just want to resolve to commit to this training, even without a voice teacher, so I can keep working on my voice. My director and mentor did tell me once that I had a great voice, but that it was underused. So whether or not I’m working on a show, I want to continue training myself. Slightly beating myself up over not beginning sooner, but hey, at least now I have this resolve, right?

  • Got some Throat Coat to help keep my throat lubricated. Need to remember to drink plenty of water and get as much sleep as I can.
  • My G is still strong. Working my way up slowly, but surely. I can belt an A in the back of my head, but it’s not sounding very solid just yet.
  • Mouth Workout exercises continue to be a challenge, especially when I get to the high notes.
  • I need to remember to DROP THE DAMN JAW.

When auditions are finished next week, I’ll continue training, but probably less frequently, like every other day. Or on my running days. Whatever works, as long as I train.

Song Practice:

Love, I Hear

  • Start mining for meaning again. This is the easiest to sing.

Giants in the Sky

  • Iron out BREATHING issues
  • Iron out Measures 12 through 18 (Notes)
  • Iron out Measures 45 through 49 (Notes)
  • Iron out Measures 59 through 63 (Placement and Transition)
  • Iron out Measures 71 through 73 (Backing Track sync)



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