Training Day 6

A lot of scary firsts today. My warm up was, overall, wobbly and difficult, but I’m trying to tell myself that that’s a normal thing (See resolution below). I also tried not to worry about my voice sounding and feeling a little different today. It’s most likely tired after yesterday, and my throat is probably drying out due to the caffeine I’ve been drinking.

Pre-warm up drink: Lemon Ginger tea, lots of water throughout


  • Normal breathing exercises. Made it up to 40 counts!

Training length: 15 minutes

Gentle Start

Vvv Zzz Jshh (Bb-G)

  • Took it easy this time. Didn’t try to belt out the high notes

Vowel Salad (Db-F)

  • New. Was a bit careful with and afraid of it. This note will apply to all new exercises today.

Getting Warmer

Ii’ to the ‘Ooh’ to the ‘Ah’ (C-G)

  • Sort of new. I’d never tried this with vowels before. See training day 1. It was a little challenging

Five Note Phrases (C-F#)

  • Even this exercise was difficult today. See resolution below.

Extending the Range

Up Down Change Vowel (Bb-Bb)

  • This wasn’t any different. I think I might have failed several times.

Mouth Workout

Bigger Better Best (A*-Bb)

  • New. This was scary. A lot of closed sounds and ‘Bs.’

Tuned Up

Afternoon Stroll (C-Bb)

  • New. This was the easiest of the harder exercises, probably because I was more warmed up (also lots of Ms and ‘ahs’)

(Bonus) Extending the Range

Curly Scales (Bb-Bb)

  • New. Pretty bad, pitch wise. I kept forgetting the notes.


  • Don’t give up. Not every training session will be pristine. It’s also only the 6th day. Be patient with yourself.
  • Avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks.
  • Avoid dairy.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Get Throat Coat.
  • Rest as much as you can, vocally and physically.

*The range of Bigger Better Best is C-Bb on the list of exercises, but is A-Bb on the scale.

Song practice: “Thuy’s Intervention” from Miss Saigon. It’s one of my auditions so I thought I might as well get a run of it in. My G (top note) was solid.


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