Training Day 5

I skipped a day (Sunday) to let my voice rest.

Physical warmup: Jaw/mouth exercises

(Forgot to do my breathing exercises!)

Training length: 15 minutes

Warming Up: Sirens (D-F#)

  • Finally! Sirens!!! Made the most of this first exercise of the day to ease into the singing.

Warming Up: Vvv Zzz Jshh

  • Totally wasn’t gentle when I got to Zzz. Must remember to take it easy when warming up. I can’t keep psyching myself out!

Getting Warmer: Smooth Journey (Bb-F#)

  • No issues, as far as I remember. I need to remember to just RELAX!

Getting Warmer: Mayonnaise (B-F#)

Extending the Range: Turn Around the Top (Bb-Bb)

  • This is another good exercise to practice transitions.
  • Bear down, relax, and breathe.

Extending the Range: One Octave Tune (Bb-G)

  • I love how gentle this is, and how it actually feels like a Tuned Up exercise.

Mouth Workout: Totally Happily (C-Bb)

  • Is this an exercise that I should take easy? Because this is currently my worst exercise, if we don’t count Letters of the Alphabet! Fucking BREATHE!

Tuned Up: 12345 (C-F)

  • Yay! Time to go home!

Same things to remember:Breathe, relax, open up, and drop the jaw.

Today, I decided to start singing prospective audition songs. I also threw in songs to sing just for the sake of having something to sing. The songs included “Love, I Hear” (…Forum), “Giants in the Sky” (Into the Woods), and “Impossible” (…Forum). The singing definitely needs practice, but I wasn’t as bad as I feared I would be. I just need to keep singing properly everyday (not just sing idly) to build my endurance again.

I can fucking do this!





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