Training Day 4

I am actually writing this on 7 March, which means I may not remember a lot of the things that went down during my training. I do remember, though, that I decided to lengthen my training a little bit, so…

Training length: 15 minutes

Gentle Start: Mi May Mah Mo Moo (D-Eb)

  • No issues. Loved this warm up.

Gentle Start: Vvv Zzz Jshh (Bb-G)

  • This was difficult because it had no vowels and the sounds I was supposed to make didn’t exactly lead to an open palate. Naturally, I struggled with this when I got to the higher register. Something tells me I shouldn’t push so hard when doing this exercise.

Getting Warmer: Mooii (Bb-G)

  • No issues, as far as I remember

Getting Warmer: Five Note Phrases (C-F#)

  • This was a good exercise for practicing the transition from chest to head, then head to chest

Extending the Range: Beautiful Morning Extended (Bb-B)

  • This is also a good exercise for practicing transitions, but seeing that it goes up to a High B, it’s essential to keep the breath strong throughout. This was difficult.

Extending the Range: Galloping Arpeggios (Bb-Bb)

  • I didn’t get to do this properly because I honestly shrank from it. I started pretty strong though. It’s worth a revisit

Mouth Workout: Letters of the Alphabet (D-G)

  • Still as difficult as ever, I’m not gonna lie. I had to resort to my falsetto when I got to the higher register. Higher notes needed more air. Need to practice my breathing!!!

Tuned Up: Fingal’s Cave (Bb-G)

  • No issues.






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