Training Day 3

Warm up (Breathing exercise)

Program length: 12 minutes

Gentle Start: Little Oohs (C-F)

  • No issues. Dropped jaw, raised soft palate

Getting Warmer: Mayonnaise (B-F#)

  • Focused on forward placement, migrating vowels, and dropping the jaw
  • No issues

Getting Warmer: Ooh Ma Goodness! (B-F#)

  • Focused on dropping the jaw and forward placement

Extending the Range: One Octave Tune (Bb-G)

  • Had difficulty with the last, repeated it, and got a more solid G that was on the bridge between my chest and my head tones

(short rest)

Mouth Workout: Totally Happy (C-Bb)

  • I officially HATE this exercise. It became difficult as soon as I got to G#. Making the transitions still proved to be difficult. Probable cause: Not getting and keeping enough air to sing. I’m usually almost out of breath as I get to the top “To-tally”

Tuned Up: 12345 (C-F)

  • Loved this one. I love how the last exercises always feel like they cap and cement the day’s session.


Focus on breathing. Air is important in singing! Extend breathing exercises to 32 counts and find more breathing exercises.


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