Training Day 2

Began with a quick physical stretch to relax my body. Followed this stretch with a simple and quick breathing exercise (breathe in for counts, breathe out for 4/8/16 counts on a hiss, making sure to run out of air at the end of each repetition. 4 repetitions for each set).

Training length: 12 minutes


Gentle Start: Mm Nn Ng (C-F)

  • Had a bit of an issue with the top notes. Silly me. I may have gone higher than F.

Getting Warmer: Gentle Steps (Bb-E)

  • ‘mm’ sound: Had some breathing issues. Reminded myself to keep breathing!
  • ‘oo’ sound: Focused on forward placement. Dropped the jaw. Raised the soft palate. So far so good!

Getting Warmer: Mayonnaise (B-F#)

  • Migrated vowels and used consonants more. It helped.

Extending the Range: Up Down Change Vowel (Bb to Bb)

  • Focused on forward placement as much as possible. Migrated vowels and dropped the jaw. I found that the G was easier to hit today. Struggled with A and Bb but I’ll take the more stable G. Tried to work on smoothing out the transition from Falsetto/Head to Head to Chest. It’s always harder when you’re on the way down!

Mouth Workout: Letters of the Alphabet (D-G)

  • This exercise proved to be a bitch as I got higher up the scale. There were a LOT of closed vowel sounds. Migrated as much as I could. Had trouble with the higher register. This exercise was difficult because it sped up as it progressed.

Tuned Up: Fingal’s Cave (Bb-G*)

  • This is quickly becoming my favorite cool down.

I decided I’d give the exercises a couple more days before I begin singing songs.

I thought I’d note that today’s training felt a lot more relaxed and a little more confident. Closing all the doors and windows helped me block out a lot of the external factors; I ended up caring much less about making noise or being heard!

*The range specified for Fingal’s Cave is different from the notes on the scale. I changed it from ‘G-E’ to ‘Bb-G.’ My previous post has been updated. See screenshots below:


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