Training Day 1

The next couple of weeks, I will be using this blog to document my progress on my vocal training. I will be using the Warm Me Up app all throughout.

Training length: 12 minutes


Gentle Start: Major to Minor (C-F)

  • No issues here.

Getting Warmer: ‘Ii’ to the ‘Ooh’ to the ‘Ah’. (C-G)

  • No issues. Seeing that this is my first day of training, I decided I’d follow the app’s recommendation to do a gentler warmup by trying ‘mm’ to the ‘nn’ to the ‘ng’ instead of using the vowels. I believe this may have worked against me. See notes in succeeding portions of the training.

Extending the Range: Beautiful Morning (Bb-Bb)

  • ‘B-yoo’ being such a closed sound, I began having difficulty with it as soon as I stepped onto G5. I resorted to using a mix of my falsetto and my head tone as soon as I got onto G5# or A. The transition back to my head/chest and then chest proved to be difficult.
  • The issues encountered in this exercise could also be due to my hesitation to really use my full voice. Pickle was sleeping in the next room and our window is right next to the street. Other possible issues: lack of confidence, lack of continuing training.

Mouth Workout: Totally Happy (C-Bb)

  • As with the previous exercise, I began having difficulty as soon as I stepped onto G. ‘Totally Happy’ is a very difficult phrase to sing. Next time, try rounder, migrated vowels and stronger jumps from the consonants.
  • By this point of the training, my high notes beyond G5 were almost impossible. Again, I resorted to my head/falsetto mix and struggled to transition smoothly. Possible issues: lack of confidence, lack of continuing training.

Tuned Up: Fingal’s Cave (G-E)

  • I thoroughly enjoy open vowels so I used this last exercise to relax my throat after feeling it strain in the two previous exercises.

All in all, I’d like to think of this first training as a success. It’s my first vocal training in over a year (possibly since my Rivalry audition in 2013) so it’s understandable that I’m encountering some issues with my high notes. I believe it’s just a matter of repetition,  confidence, and relaxation. I have to stop thinking about external factors and begin focusing on my body and my faculties in order to be able to start strengthening my vocal muscles again.

I intend to keep training daily (even on weekends if I can), focusing on technique and opening up and relaxing first before even thinking about lengthening my training sessions. I could also focus on physically warming up before I begin the day’s vocal training.



2 thoughts on “Training Day 1

    1. Oh, it is! I’m excited to use it more and more! I’ve been looking for something like it for a while. I’ve been holding off on buying it for the longest time and I only wish I’d started using it sooner!

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